Random #RozeReflections: A Word on Waiting

I am notoriously impatient. I used to think I was patient but life has shown me time and time again that patience is not a gift I have. Whether it’s the seemingly mundane like wanting to know the end of a movie or the life altering like waiting to hear about an opportunity, patience is not a characteristic I posses. 

I am learning, however, about what I can do in the midst of the waiting. Waiting creates space between the already but not yet; space to reflect on what I’m feeling and what’s transpired. I’m learning that practicing gratitude in moments when there is nothing I can do to hurry along an outcome is a powerful practice. 

So tonight, after enduring my second cervical biopsy in three years, I am practicing gratitude in the midst of waiting. 

I am letting the people in my life know how grateful I am for them. 

I am thanking God for an incredible life - one marked by meaningful work, connections and lots of love. 

I am thanking my body for these 36 years - for all she has endured and the grace with which she has survived. 

I’m thankful for this moment in time, when I wonder what might be but am pulled back to what is, paying attention to the gifts and graces in this given moment and knowing that this time shall never come again. 

How do you engage the waiting? What might you be invited to express gratitude for in the midst of the unknown?