Creating resources that invite readers to reflect on their lived experiences in order to find meaning and uncover wisdom within that leads to external action. Whether you’re seeking a curriculum or article, Rozella brings an authentic, relatable voice that invites reflection and action.


Love Big Book Discussion Guide

It is my sincerest hope that anyone who encounters Love Big will be changed for the better. This labor of love is a gift for all seeking to fall deeper in love with themselves and with others for the purpose of individual and communal transformation and healing. This discussion guide has been created to foster your curiosity and encourage you to wonder as you delve deeper into your story. It is not for the faint of heart; self-love and neighbor love generally aren’t. This discussion guide is for those who are committed to living courageously and loving vulnerably.

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Dialogues On: Race

Dialogues On: Race Learner Book replicates a conversational experience by giving participants a reader on race in the United States. Each topic is packed with well-researched information and brought to life with the lived experience and stories of people at the center of the topic.

Dialogues On brings your adult small group together to tackle difficult topics and turn conflict into community. This resource was created in partnership with Sparkhouse Press.


Free Indeed: Devotions for Lent 2017

This beautiful, full-color devotional takes you through Lent with daily readings from Martin Luthers Small Catechism. Each reading is accompanied by a photo, a quote to ponder, reflection, and prayer. Free Indeed invites you to reflect on Martin Luthers guide to the basics of Christian faith during the Lenten season, and within the observance of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. This resource was created in partnership with Fortress Press.


Work Out: An Invitation to Connect

The Work Out Process is an experience of working out of our relational comfort zones. As we are loved by the God of relationships, our connections with people who are different than ourselves strengthen our own identity and way of life. Work Out is designed for people who want to learn to love like God loves us. Each step includes reading, conversation, and discernment towards the larger goal of being the people God made us to be. This resource was created in partnership with LEAD.