Rozella Haydée White

Restoring Hearts to Wholeness so ALL can thrive


RHW Consulting provides spiritual life coaching, transformational leadership coaching & consulting, inspirational speaking & writing, and retreats all designed to help you create and live your most meaningful life.


“When you live from your brokenness and haven’t sought healing, you really aren’t living. You’re simply existing. And I don’t believe that our Creator desires us to merely survive. We were created to THRIVE…”

- Rozella Haydée White


Helping you create & Live a meaningful life

What do you value? The RHW Meaningful Life Assessment is designed to help you uncover your values and seek alignment between your values and your behaviors.


Introducing #LoveBig

The #LoveBig Movement is about inviting people to fall more deeply in love with self and with others so that individual and collective healing and transformation abound.

The #LoveBig Movement begins with #LoveBigBook. It will take a revolutionary kind of love to heal the brokenness, division, and violence in today’s world. But there’s a lot of work to be done before that can happen. Humans haven’t experienced true peace and reconciliation yet, but I believe both are possible. Find the way forward in my latest book, Love Big: The Power of Revolutionary Relationships to Heal the World. 


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